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About us

With the rise of the internet and internet marketing in recent years, many companies have found themselves missing opportunities to grow and achieve their financial goals. One of the main reasons for this stems from a lack of understanding of how to successfully use online marketing tools to achieve an effective online presence and grow a customer base. Consequently, companies are losing sales to competitors that are utilizing online tools, such as fast lead generators.

HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS is an interactive online platform that includes businesses, from a broad variety of industries, with informative, cultural, and natural content. This outstanding platform provides fast access to a large online digital business directory, which also contains relevant and up-to-date information from entrepreneurs located all over the world.

This platform has been developed to contribute toward the meaningful economic integration of the education, government, industrial, and commercial sectors.


To help restore local economies in cities throughout the world by becoming the blockchain bridge between the unemployed and the businesses who will hire them.


To develop a unique online platform that provides job-seekers the tools and skills needed to not only secure meaningful employment, but to thrive at what they do. The platform will be easy to use and accessible to all, and will improve the standards of living for all who participate. We want to do our part to reduce poverty by helping people find a steady and satisfying job.

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